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Skin Academy 

Since its establishment in 2016, Skin Academy has become a center of excellence for the cosmetic medical industry, providing training to some of the nation's top doctors and nurses.

We deliver courses and lectures led by eminent experts in a range of treatments, techniques, and specialties, dedicated to enhancing the industry's expertise.

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Our mission is to elevate your expertise and strengthen your skills.


Monthly courses


Renowned speakers


Annual conference and lectures


99% average rating from our course participants

Skin Beauty Through Knowledge is our motto. Our goal is to be an innovative and inspiring partner for you who wish to develop as a professional. We are proud to collaborate with internationally recognized doctors and dermatologists who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you!

Our core values

Let's elevate the industry together


We strive to uphold a high professional standard, maintain clear communication, and foster an open culture where students can feel secure and supported.


Adopting a responsible approach to cosmetic treatments fosters trust and upholds integrity within the industry. Prioritizing patient safety and well-being is key to sustaining our clients' trust.


Expanding your knowledge deepens your understanding of the subject matter and your clientele, while also elevating your self-esteem and confidence.


Skills are essential for your growth both personally and professionally, allowing you to execute your work with efficiency and professionalism. We are committed to offering opportunities for the ongoing enhancement of your abilities.


We are passionate about fueling your ongoing growth and being a cornerstone of support in an industry that's always evolving!


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